Increasing foot traffic in your store

As a business owner, it is very paramount that you find creative, innovative and dynamic ways to entice customers. You have to use creative and strategic methods that will increase foot traffic to your store; this foot traffic in turn will boost your business sales as well.

With the high increase in the number of customers that prefers to buy products online, so what are industries leading stores doing to increase and retain the number of foot traffic they have in their store.

If your store is located in the pedestrian zone, get to know and find out who passes by. Literally, sit outside or close to your winder and access the statistics of those who pass by.

Do they come from other stores first? Are they window shoppers? Did they find your store by using store locator software? Ask & find out.

After this, take objective look at your signage and your display, do you think it appeals to the kind of shoppers you want in your store? 


Everyone wants to be treated specially and in a unique way, a uniquely designed simple mat with Welcome boldly printed on it in front of your store would draw attention to you.


Make it as colorful and unique as possible to draw attention to your store entrance but avoid the temptation of making it a riot of colors, use bright colors that would pop with the theme color of your store.


A lot of stores and shops use entertainment to stay competitive and to attract shoppers, it is quite important for your to introduce some form of entertainment into your business.

Even though your business has be running for period of time, it does have a strong grounds yet for celebrations that can attract enough foot traffic, so you need to create any promotional focused event that will draw attention to your store and also be an effective tool.


Consider in store giveaway, raffle draw, publicize the event as widely as you can within your budget. If your business is one that is connected somewhat with one that you can bring a local celebrity to get the crowd, you have to make it different, unique, exciting otherwise people won’t come and it would be a waste of resources.


If you have a wide product catalogue is your store, wheel your best product in front of your store everyday and change their position as often as possible, so that passersby have a sense of new stock every time they pass by your store and want to stop in to see what you have. 


Put some amazing and unique sign post in the parking lot that says a million words about your store. This could be a new promotional event you have, sale, a new product alert or an info graphics; just put something bright about your business in the parking lot.


Decorate your store building, so that you can be recognized for what you sell. Use eye catching colors; also note that the goal is not to scream pricing but to showcase clients’ wants.

If your store management would not allow you decorate the building, then you still put a tall banner from the roof to the side with a eye catching design of great colors and fonts.